Unholy release imminent!

The wait is finally over, in these uncertain times we unleash our latest opus ‘Negotium Crucis’.

New album ‘Negotium Crucis’ released September 2020 (Apocalyptic Witchcraft) expands on the Medieval concept brutally established on 2016’s ‘The Great Mortality’, focusing on the black death that swept across the UK and Europe from 1348 and the horrors that man inflicted upon one another as a result.

Lyrically returning to the Middle Ages to explore the dark nature of the Knight Templar and their Holy Crusades. The album aggressively forces you on a journey of depravity, corruption, deceit, genocide and re-affirms the sadistic nature of mankind.

An experimental album that bridges the gap between ‘The Great Mortality’ and ‘Agents of Satan’ EP. It showcases the progression and maturity of The Infernal Sea. This album is RAW, not only sonically but also production value wise. It captures the ‘Black ‘N’ Roll’ element that the band inject into their compositions, it is savage yet melodic and sounds undeniably like The Infernal Sea.

Check out the link to ‘Negotium Crucis’ on our Discography page here

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